Saturday, August 22, 2009

No more ideas

He has none. No more ideas. It's fairly clear to me that when a man makes two blogs about word clouds and they're very clearly just copied words from Wikipedia and pasted in Wordle that this man is running utterly and completely out of ideas.

Here's an idea for you Dru: Stop Sucking!


The next thing we know this stupid fuck is going to start creating really dumb characters to blog about so that he doesn't have to come up with ORIGINAL blogs... just stupid blogs with kinda the same joke written by some made up asshole.

Dru is an asshole.

Andy Jones is not an asshole.

The year of the blog would have been better if dru actually put his ego aside and did it with me.

Predictions for Dru's Next Blog

- Tears: The Blog

- Shit that I did in the last hour

- My name is Dru and I don't understand real life

- Pollution

- The existential treatise relating John Adams to Carrot Top

- My name is Dru and I'm going to take pictures of my poop and show them to you

I could see him doing all of these... especially at the rate he's been going.

Dru's been depressed and sad...

and he's cumming all over the internet with his sadness. You don't have to look to fucking deep to see that Dru is suffering from some sort of deep emotional trauma. Probably because he just realized how much he sucks.

Blogs that serve as evidence:

Nope. Somethings are impossible.

But the most impossible thing is for Dru to write an actual good blog AM I RIGHT?!

Hangover: The Blog

Wow Dru... you really think that's what people are interested in reading? That you are a wreck of a human being so much that you write about it? Douche.

Relationship Advice Referencing Candy Bars

Obviously this just demonstrates that Dru relates more to food than women. Typical and depressing.

So my request, Dru, is that you stop masturbating all over the web and make a REAL blog. You're a dummy. Yep... just a Dummy. Not like me, Andy Jones.

[Shit] or Not

This recent chain of tumblr blogs that Dru has been writing is absolutely awful. He seems to think it's so goddamn funny to put up a picture of a salad and inform the public that it is not in fact a fucking robot. Bravo, Dru. You've reached a brand new level of complete retardation. Bot or Not, Cot or Not and the even shittier Dot or Not are to the internet what landfills are to planet earth: shitty.

Look at this:

How has no one told him that this is the shittiest thing they've ever seen. I know what the fuck a robot is, I don't need mildly retarded and completely useless Dru to explain to me that a crossing sign isn't a fucking robot. And by the way, the top picture is A COMPLETE HUMAN! MORON! WHY WOULD YOU SAY ITS A ROBOT WHEN IT IS CLEARLY A MAN WITH A CARDBOARD COSTUME!

So to answer the question if his blogs recently have been Shit or Not I'm gonna go with Shit.

Just garbage.