Saturday, August 22, 2009

[Shit] or Not

This recent chain of tumblr blogs that Dru has been writing is absolutely awful. He seems to think it's so goddamn funny to put up a picture of a salad and inform the public that it is not in fact a fucking robot. Bravo, Dru. You've reached a brand new level of complete retardation. Bot or Not, Cot or Not and the even shittier Dot or Not are to the internet what landfills are to planet earth: shitty.

Look at this:

How has no one told him that this is the shittiest thing they've ever seen. I know what the fuck a robot is, I don't need mildly retarded and completely useless Dru to explain to me that a crossing sign isn't a fucking robot. And by the way, the top picture is A COMPLETE HUMAN! MORON! WHY WOULD YOU SAY ITS A ROBOT WHEN IT IS CLEARLY A MAN WITH A CARDBOARD COSTUME!

So to answer the question if his blogs recently have been Shit or Not I'm gonna go with Shit.

Just garbage.

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